5+ years of blessed soulutions for working women.




Afram-Ibibio word for blessed.

DDSOS is a Black woman-led mutual aid space that provides blessed soulutions for working women.

Meet The Team

Who We Are

“I can’t be a singular expression of myself, there’s too many parts, too many spaces, too many manifestations, too many lines, too many curves, too many troubles, too many journeys, too many mountains, too many rivers, so many “ — Solange Sokoro Kere Knowles


What We Do

Media Work

  • Business Blogging & Editing
  • Content Creation & Editing
  • Essay Composition & Editing
  • Fiction Blogging & Editing
Thank you to Chona and the Disabled And Here team for this picture.

Organizing Work

  • Administrative Organizing
  • Caregiving Organizing
  • Digital Organizing
  • Individual Organizing

Education Work

  • Social Justice Education
  • Language Education
  • Literacy Education
  • Media Education

The Numbers Don’t Lie






lives changed


client satisfaction

Why You’ll Love Us

Our services are guided by the principles of:

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T (Ono)
  • Womanism (Wowanism)
  • Black Feminism (Abubi Wowanism)
  • U.N.I.T.Y (Diaki)
  • Care (Keere)
  • Empathy (Mbom)
  • Creativity (Andibifiok)
  • Communalism + Villagehood (Iduism)
  • Self-Determination (Buku Odudu)

Trusted by these clients and more!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

“Adilah Didi is an exceptional story-teller! I’m a blogger in Metro Detroit and Didi has helped take my writing to the next level. She offers great insight on how to craft engaging essays while allowing the writer to keep their voice. I highly recommend Didiong Soulutions”

—Kierra Gray
Lifestyle Blogger

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic Digital Organizer”

“Didiong has been extremely diligent, communicative, and clear throughout our work together. She is an awesome organizer!”

Culpeper Creative Team

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Highly Recommend”

“Edidiong is a wonderful writer, editor, and mentor. I have relied on her professional expertise when I’ve needed academic or work-related documents reviewed for clarity, organization, and grammar.”

—Sandra H.
Legislative Analyst

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Refreshing Experience”

“As an editor, Edidiong guided me with patience and compassion. She didn’t make me change who I am to accomplish my writing. Even when my writing was disjointed, she pointed out the better aspects of it and that kept me writing. After our meetings, I was able to write more freely.”

—Ali Jay
Attorney & Consultant

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Location & Hours of Operation

Technology, Literacy & Career Center (TLC Center) at Detroit Public Library
5201 Woodward Ave Detroit MI 48202

12:22 pm – 5:55 pm
12:22 pm – 5:55 pm
12:22 pm – 5:55 pm
12:22 pm – 5:55 pm

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